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Nicole Kidd's life story has all the elements of a captivating novel, titled "Not by my design...but the best life lived," transforming personal misfortunes into breakthroughs and confidently pursuing her varied dreams. Born and raised for the first two decades of her life in Germany, Nicole always felt a longing for a "warmer" elsewhere, or what the Germans call "Fernweh." You could say, Nicole is a "(girl) artist interrupted," since nearly two decades of rewarding careers in the travel/hotel and high-tech industry "suspended" her artistic pursuits to be reignited following the 2004 birth of her daughter Bella.

Described by her mother as "her paradise bird," Nicole has always surrounded herself with color and texture. She made her first pair of leather earrings at age 14 and supplemented her pocket money by knitting angora/mohair and Norwegian design sweaters commissioned by her girlfriends' mothers. Taking jewelry design classes here and there, she took up designing her own necklaces and earrings again in the mid-nineties as a relaxing weekend endeavor, counterbalancing her busy life as a twice-published book author and high-tech consultant in Silicon Valley. Nicole continued with her medical translation and technical writing work in the first years after the arrival of her daughter but soon was yearning for another ‘creative' outlet that would better accommodate her family and evolving personal and professional interests.

First earrings - leathersweater swatches

Nicole's first visit to the International Gem Show in September 2006 in San Mateo, California, resulted in delicate yet eye-popping necklaces and earrings made of 14K gold vermeil/sterling silver and faceted semiprecious gems, immediately snatched up by friends and family members. The sheer joy of serendipitous creating with exotic, multi-colored gemstones and hand-wrought sterling silver/vermeil beads, as well as subsequent design commissions, encouraged Nicole to host her first official jewelry sale a few months later in December of 2006. The resounding feedback from an expanding customer base validates Nicole's commitment to fully embracing her creative side and creating "visually inspiring designs that are unique, feminine, high-quality yet affordable and avant-garde."

Nicole has lived in the United States since 1984. She now resides in the Bay Area with her family, enjoying year-round outdoor swimming, hiking, biking and gardening. She is an avid reader, swimmer and cinema enthusiast. Nicole graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications (news reporting and writing) with an emphasis in International Marketing/PR from California State University of Hayward (summa cum laude). Her commitment to continued education includes countless jewelry design workshops taught by local artisans and taking business classes at the Revere Academy, U.C. Berkeley Extension or networking with LadiesWhoLaunch and the Women's Jewelry Association (WJA). Nicole "speaks in" two native tongues: German and English; and she is conversant in French and Spanish.

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