Life and Nature Inspired Designs

Life & Nature Inspired Designs

exotic plantNicole's creations are inspired by nature's inherent beauty and images of far-away places she had the privilege to explore while working aboard a cruise ship in 1986. During her first 2-week cruise, she met passengers who were so fortunate to see Halley's Comet for a second time and whose personal accounts helped Nicole embrace the prospect of a life without her husband who died in a plane crash a few months prior. The wisdom of these elders and experiencing the glorious beauty of these exotic ports-of-call put Nicole on a path of hope, self-discovery and healing. "In a way, I escaped, but arrived at the beginning of discovering life and myself."

nicole's backyard Throughout her life's jubilant and sad days, Nicole has sought refuge in nature, a joy that she shares with her daughter Bella and partner Joe. "Nature's healing powers are omnipresent be it in ‘her' colors, textures and smells." Today, Nicole's tropical and succulent backyard as well as the many inspirational day trips to the SF and Oakland zoos, San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, the U.C. Berkeley Botanical Garden, or weekend family trips to Monterey Bay, feed her other passion - photography- which also generates countless sketches of new designs.

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