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Ray of Light (Resort)

Disarming in its color and beauty: This radiant combo of two chains, which can be combined or worn separately, is a definite must-include in your resort-destined carry-on. A striking textured 14K-vermeil hoop chain and hammered vermeil spiral-shaped S-hook clasp frame brilliant blue turquoise rondelles, interspersed with apatite beads and vermeil charms - an inscribed dagger, floral charm, and two “ray-shaped tubes” with apatite briolettes embrace the focal sun disk with Sanskrit (Nepal). Approx. 17”.  

The outer chain is approx. 28” and is called “Ray of Light Chain reaction,” featuring more of the brilliant blue turquoise rondelles with vermeil accents and a striking hand-hammered 23K spiral shaped toggle clasp.

The earrings repeat the stunning textured 14K-vermeil hoop chain, dangling turquoise and apatite briolettes with vermeil daisy accents - on gold-filled earwires.

Product Information

Ray of Light (#AA0023_01)
Set (inner necklace with earrings) Price: $200.00

Ray of Light (#AA0023_02)
Necklace (inner) Only Price: $165.00

Ray of Light Earrings (#AA0023_03)
Earrings Only Price: $45.00

Ray of Light Chain Reaction (#AA00231)
Necklace (outer) Price: $98.00

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