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Gilded life force: The spiral might be one of the oldest of symbols - in art and religion it is related to the cycles of nature and human life, evolution, the concept that everything emanates from a center point (source) and the possibility of expansion into infinite, because the spiral is always open ended. In yoga the spiral is connected to the kundalini energy, the fundamental energy of the human being and universe. This striking formation is made of a hand-crafted "dotted" sterling silver center bead dangling from a three-hole, hammered sterling spiral connector anchoring the 22K (over sterling) spiral charm flanked by faceted champagne quartz tear drops (or lemon topaz) with moonstones, sterling/vermeil daisy accents. Approx. 17" on either the textured oxidized chain (seen on left) or a textured "bright" silver chain with decorative 3" extender chain. We suggest these earrings with this design.

Product Information

Spirals (#AA0005_01)
Necklace (on left) Price: $98.00

Spirals (#AA0005_02)
Necklace (on right) Price: $98.00

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