Circle of Love (Gold)

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Circle of Love - Gold

Whoever receives this necklace knows they are beloved. This gold-version of "Heart Connections" is also symbolic of friendship's most venerated attributes: Moonstone for balance, apatite guiding toward truth, peridot for luck, garnet offering protection, citrine providing happiness, rose quartz for trust, amethyst bringing harmony, and iolite leading toward enlightenment.
The "Alhambra"-shaped, 14K vermeil gold chain features a 24K gold-plated sterling silver bail with fancy scroll work (with hearts), dangling the eight semi-precious briolettes, wire-wrapped on singular gold chain elements, culminating in a 22K vermeil drop, symbolizing wealth, prosperity and wisdom. Approx. 16", adjustable to 18.5" with a decorative extender chain featuring an amethyst teardrop, accentuated with a faceted apatite bead. Complementary earrings can be created upon request.

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Circle of Love - Gold (#E00471)
Price: $125.00 (was $135)

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