Peacock Glory

Peacock Glory 1
Peacock Glory 1 Peacock Glory 1 Peacock Glory 1 Peacock Glory 1 Peacock Glory 1 Peacock Glory 1

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Peacock Glory (Silver/Gold)

Much like the beautiful iridescent blue-green plumage of the male Indian Peafowl, the bejeweled interpretation of India's national bird is equally stunning. The hand-made sterling silver/18K gold-plated peafowl bust links five tumbling gemstone "strands" of faceted apatite, peridot, carnelian, amethyst, finished with larger peridot briolettes. The loosely jangling "train" hangs off the approx. 16", hand-strung necklace with vermeil spacer beads sprinkled with faceted amethyst, carnelian, peridot and apatite beads; much like its sterling silver counterpart, which can be extended to 19 inches. The pendant measure approx. 3.5" in length.

The earrings seen here (peridot/carnelian) are just one of many possible color combinations.  

Product Information

Peacock Glory (#E0015)
Gold Set (with earrings shown) Price: $210.00

Silver Set (with shown earrings in silver) Price: $220.00

Gold Necklace Price: $175.00

Silver Necklace: $195.00

Gold Earrings Price: $40.00

Silver Earrings Price: $40.00

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