Apati-zing Amoeba

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Apati-zing Amoeba

Hand-wrought sterling silver amoeba pendant with cascading faceted apatite briolettes and deep-blue apatite sticks, accented by maroon-red, rice-corn sized pearls, Pacific Opal Swarovski crystals and silver rondelles. The chain is made of individually wire-wrapped maroon-red freshwater pearls, interspersed with deep turquoise-blue apatite sticks. Approx. 18", adjustable to 21" necklace (does not include pendant length.)

The earrings repeat the harmonious combination of maroon-red pearls, accentuated by same color rice-corn sized freshwater pearls, deep-blue apatite sticks, and finished with three dancing apatite briolettes that dangle delicately from sterling silver earwires. 

Product Information

Apati-zing Amoeba (FB0025)
Set: $225.00

Necklace Only: $185.00

Earrings Only: $45.00

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