Chain Reaction (Multiple shapes silver)

Chain Reaction (Multiple shapes silver) 1
Chain Reaction (Multiple shapes silver) 2 Chain Reaction (Multiple shapes silver) 2

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Chain Reaction (Geometric shapes)

Everyday Zen wear: Unassuming yet its presence pleasantly felt (and seen), a Buddhist symbol (vermeil) and a scrumptious moonstone briolette accentuate this stunning, hammered sterling silver chain, made of oval and square shapes, finished with an 18K gold-vermeil spiral clasp. Personally, spirals are my favorite symbol. In yoga, the spiral is connected to the kundalini energy - the "upward rising" energy, believed to activate each chakra it goes through. Approx. 24" in length. How about Silver Scales or this pair of complementary earrings?

Product Information

Chain Reaction - Multiple Shapes Silver (#FB00041)
Price: $118.00

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