Denim Chain Reactions

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Denim Chain Reactions

This hand-made sterling silver chain (each link has been individually soldered) features blue chalcedony and quartz nuggets, hand-blown hearts, textured silver findings, a gold-plated "hieroglyphic" circle, 18K vermeil S-haped spiral clasp, 22 K vermeil elements, and a hematite "tooth" pendant. Approx. 34" in length.

The second sterling silver necklace (inside) features a small gold-colored freshwater pearl atop a big blue chalcedony stone, elongated by textured gold-filled chain element, accentuated with lapis beads, moonstones and a sterling silver 14K vermeil spiral pendant. Personally, spirals are one of my favorite symbols, as "in art and religion, it is related to the cycles of nature and human life, evolution, the concept that everything emanates from a center point (source) and the possibility of expansion into infinite, because the spiral is always open ended. It is a circle in motion, with every complete cycle also advancing one step on another level, adding a new layer." Approx. 16", adjustable to 19" with a decorative extender chain.

Lapis Hoop Dreams might be the perfect complementary choice for these necklaces, which look simply stunning when combined or worn individually.

Product Information

Denim Chain Reactions (FB0010)
Set (both necklaces combined): $185.00

Necklace (pendant): $55.00

Necklace (big link chain): $135.00

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