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Garnished Olives (Garnet / Amethyst / Carnelian)

Each and everyone of our customers who has bought this set has commented on the beautiful song these gemstones make when moving around. The original "garnished olives" set is a brilliantly green freshwater disk accentuated by three faceted garnet teardrops dancing on a two-inch silver chain element. We adopted the equally popular hammered sterling silver chain into three other popular color variations:

a. The gold-bronze freshwater disks with blue faceted chalcedony and Peruvian opal teardrops;

b. the iridescent green/purple freshwater disk with tumbling faceted amethysts;

c. the green/bronze freshwater disk with cascading carnelian briolettes.

Approx. 16" and now adjustable to 19" with a decorative extender chain.

The earrings send out an equally mesmerizing song with four gemstones (either amethysts, carnelian, or blue chalcedony/Peruvian opals) jingling on an approx. 1" sterling silver chain element, accentuated by decorative sterling silver spacer beads - on sterling silver earwires. 

Product Information

Garnished Olives Set (FB0023_01)
Set: $95.00

Garnished Olives Necklace (FB0023_2)
Necklace Only: $65.00

Garnished Olives Earrings (FB0023_3)
Earrings Only: $35.00

Carnelian Earrings Set (FB0022_01)
Set: $125.00

Carnelian Earrings Necklace (FB0022_2)
Necklace Only: $85.00

Carnelian Earrings Earrings (FB0022_3)
Earrings Only: $45.00

Amethyst Earrings Set (FB0021_01)
Set: $110.00

Amethyst Earrings Necklace (FB0021_2)
Necklace Only: $75.00

Amethyst Earrings Earrings (FB0021_3)
Earrings Only: $45.00

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