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Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning either "coiled up" or "coiling like a snake." There are a number of other translations of the term usually emphasizing a more serpent nature to the word - e.g. 'serpent power'. The caduceus symbol of coiling snakes is thought to be an ancient symbolic representation of Kundalini physiology. The concept of Kundalini comes from yogic philosophy of ancient India and refers to the mothering intelligence behind yogic awakening and spiritual maturation.

Understated and powerful: A detailed sterling silver two-headed serpent pendant accentuated with an amber nugget, turquoise tear drops, and yummy pale-blue chalcedony briolette, extended from an approx. 16"sterling silver cable chain with decorative 3" extender chain, secured by a sterling s-clap. Kundalini can be designed with any gemstone combination. Prices may vary.

Product Information

Kundalini (#FB0077)
Price: $82.00

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