Nieves (Snow)

Nieves (Snow)
Nieves (Snow) Nieves (Snow) Nieves (Snow) Nieves (Snow)

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Nieves (Snow)

Blizz-ful devotion: Nieves means "snows" in Spanish, derived from the title of the Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora de las Nieves meaning "Our Lady of the Snows." This brilliant hand-made rosary of crackled quartz crystals and hand-crafted gold vermeil beads is an elegant feast for the eye and feels smooth and cool to the devoted touch. Crackled quartz is derived from "exploded" quartz crystals presenting a look similar to cracked ice.
Elegantly dangling from a double-sided sterling center component, a simple sterling cross with a 14k crown of thorns elegantly completes the approx. 38" long chain (it's slightly longer (above the navel) and much stronger because of wire-wrapping each individual bead). Nieves (Snow) consists of the traditional five decades (5 sets of 10 beads), whereby each decade is accentuated with an ornate hand-crafted gold vermeil bead and antiqued, textured spacers. 

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Nieves (Snow) (#AA0039)
Price: $258.00

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