Peace (Paz)

Peace (Paz)
Peace (Paz) Peace (Paz) Peace (Paz) Peace (Paz) Peace (Paz) Peace (Paz)

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Peace (Paz)

Peaceful & instantaneously calming: This stunning hand-made rosary of soothing Botswana Agate and pale-pink Swarovski crystals is like a wearable oasis of calm amid everyday bustle. If you prefer the traditional crucifix and Madonna on a subtle strand of smooth beads, this elegant rosary is for you. In many traditions agate is believed to cure the stings of scorpions and the bites of snakes, soothe the mind, prevent contagion, still thunder and lightning, Botswana agate reveals stripes ranging in color from creamy white to rose to muted black.
Approx. 40" in total length (it's slightly longer (above the navel) and much stronger because of wire-wrapping each individual bead), Paz consists of the traditional five decades (5 sets of 10 beads), whereby each decade is accentuated with pale pink Swarovski beads, sterling silver spacers, and two sterling silver charms - praying hands and a heart with cross. The double-sided rosary center with Madonna is made of sterling silver culminating in an ornate sterling silver crucifix. 

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Peace (Paz) (#AA0036)
Price: $198.00

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