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Designer Rosary: Rafaela

Sweet devotion: This delicate hand-made rosary of garnets and translucent, opal-color Swarovski crystals feeds the soul of the traditional or newly initiated disciple, as this piece is a perfect gift for First Holy Communion. Gracefully dangling from a sterling winged angel in a heart rosary center, a "charm-ing" formation of a sterling heart, filigree cross and ruby on a sterling loop with a diamond-cut crystal in its center completes the approx. 32" long chain (it's slightly longer and much stronger because of wire-wrapping each individual bead).
Rafaela consists of the traditional five decades (5 sets of 10 beads plus one additional decade to extend this delicate rosary), whereby each decade is accentuated with translucent, opal-color Swarovski beads, sterling silver spacers, and two sterling silver charms - praying hands and a decorative heart atop a cross. 

Product Information

Rafaela (#AA0042)
Price: $165.00

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