Sea (Mar)

Sea (Mar)
Sea (Mar) Sea (Mar) Sea (Mar) Sea (Mar) Sea (Mar) Sea (Mar)

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Designer Rosary: Sea (Mar)

Seaside Bliss: Imagine dangling your feet in cooling lake waters while meditating with this harmonious combination of sea-foam green turquoise and sky-blue vintage glass beads. Like the biblical fish that sustained thousands, your soul and eyes will feast on this unique rosary. Merrily jingling from a hand-hammered Karen Hilltribe sterling cross, a "charm-ing" formation of a sterling heart, fish, praying hands and pale green aventurine completes the approx. 39" long chain (it's slightly longer (above the navel) and much stronger because of wire-wrapping each individual bead).
Mar consist of the traditional five decades (5 sets of 10 beads), whereby each decade is accentuated with a sky-blue vintage glass bead and two sterling charms - devoted hands in prayer and a heart atop a cross. Also available in coral. New Mexico is its design cousin: Imagine riding across the desert while meditating with a striking combination of coral and sea-foam vintage glass beads. 

Product Information

Sea (Mar) (#AA0034)
Price: $195.00

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