Caring for your jewelry

Wear it with care

While one of the safest places for your jewelry is on your body (unless you travel with toddler(s)Wink, everyday chores can be tough on baubles. Avoid snagging, catching, breaking, and denting by removing jewelry before you play sports or exercise, and never wear gemstones when bathing/showering or in a chlorinated pool where they can discolor or come loose from their settings. Sterling silver should always be shielded from hairspray, which can dull and discolor the metal. Also beware of mixing jewelry with housework, as seemingly harmless chemicals and cleansers can scratch and damage delicate pieces. It's recommended that you remove your treasures before applying hairspray, lotions, hairspray, etc.

Gentle cleaning does it

Whether your jewelry needs a quick soak or a simple polishing up, it's key that you treat them gently. Regular buffing with a soft, cotton cloth will help keep sterling silver shiny, and loose dirt can be removed with a mixture of mild liquid soap and warm water applied with a children toothbrush. Silver jewelry polishing cloth and commercial cleaners are available to remove tarnish (a darkening of the silver caused by a reaction between the metal, sulfur and air), but make sure you choose one that is safe for gemstones. Some stones, such as turquoise and freshwater pearls, cannot be placed in most jewelry cleaning solutions! A good rule of thumb is to keep all beads from coming in contact with any cleaning solution or detergent.  Always avoid the use of harsh detergents and chlorine bleach when cleaning your jewelry.  Important note: Special care should be taken with pearls, coral and turquoise as they may be negatively affected by contact with the skin, perfume, perfumed skin creams, harsh detergents and polishing creams. 24k gold vermeil is especially delicate. If you must polish any gold vermeil, please use only the outer, non-abrasive cloth to polish gold vermeil. Otherwise, use an old t-shirt or soft towel.

Store appropriately

Carefully storing your baubles when not wearing them can indeed lengthen the life and beauty of your jewelry. Avoid tangling and stretching of beaded creations by storing them flat, and separate those gemstone pieces so they won't nick or scratch each other. You can stave off tarnish on sterling silver by wrapping each piece in a soft cloth and storing it in a sealable sandwich bag.

Metal allergies

All jewelry - be it gold, silver, surgical steel, etc. - contains some amount of nickel since it's an essential component in the alloy process of making jewelry. Please let me know at the time of your order and we'll add a package or ear protector "sleeves" (at cost) to your shipment. Otherwise, you can also purchase protector sleeves at your local Walgreens or Long's Drugs. 


We use Greek leather for our hand-crocheted & bejeweled chokers and bracelets. Since leather is a natural product, it will mature and darken with time -giving it a rich patina. Just like our skin, chose a cleaner that will help preserve leather's natural lubricating oils instead of stripping them. The cleaner should not leave any greasy residue behind. Before applying cleaner, test it for effect and possible color distortion on an inconspicuous area. Also try to avoid putting the cleaner on the semi-precious stones - they will look dull.

 Enjoy your baubles Kiss!