Our Designs

"Sexy & Sophisticated"  "Imaginative & Original"  "Exquisite Craftsmanship"  "Versatile & Affordable"  "Get-stopped-on-the-street-gorgeous jewelry" ...these are just a few adjectives borrowed from our customers who joyfully return for seconds and thirds. (See what some customers have posted on YELP about this designer). Below find the six collections currently offered. Everything is hand-made from the tribal silver mask to 14K vermeil center beads that I buy from other reputable artisans and assemble into limited-editions or one-of-a-kind pieces. Whatever you are drawn to: Each design unveils a reflection of who you are -with all of your unique facets - much like the gemstones in each of our creations.

Ancient Antics

Metamorphisis Taj Mahal

There are days when you might feel like channeling bygone eras. Ancient Antics offer fresh interpretations of ancient coins and relics, Buddhist or Aztec symbols; and/or exotic, hand-wrought silver/vermeil findings from Thailand, Bali, Nepal, India, Greece, Egypt, and Mexico.....


Citron Royale La Mer

Going to a corporate event or simply dressing up everyday attire, Elegance provides you with a dash of personality and unique beauty afforded by hand-picked gemstones and findings in a timeless arrangement. 

Fun Baubles

Druzy Love Apati-zing Amoeba

Wild things, Naked Lips, Chain-Reaction and Arabian Nights are just a few of the design names in Fun Baubles enticing your inner "wild child," complementing your casual wear with pizzazz.


Bridal Summer Breeze Keshi Wisdom Blue Bridal

Promise, Luna, Marigold/Valencia are just a few of the highly desired Bridal creations elegantly adorning brides and their bridesmaids and beautifully complementing one of your life's most memorable dream dates.

Breast Cancer Awareness

BCA charm necklace BCA Ruby on a Stick

Life surprises us with both triumphs and tribulations: Affirmations in sterling silver remind you or a loved one to be strong while battling breast cancer and rejoicing/celebrating every good day and news of remission. A $15 donation will be made to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation or a breast cancer preventive program of your choice.


Prayer Beads

Vida Paz

Wearable meditation dating back to the 4th century: Inspired by the catholic rosary, our new and popular designer rosary collection of wire-wrapped rosaries features vibrant & trendy colors, playful sterling silver charms, a variety of inscribed crosses and centerpieces, resulting in entirely fresh interpretations of the legendary meditative "strand" of beads. From vibrant red Vida (Life) to peaceful grays "Paz" (Peace) to elegant black with vibrant blue highlights - Radiate your "inner Madonna" in luminous style.