Seeking The Sun 🌞 (Solar Quartz & Opal Summer Rays)

Growing up in the southern parts of Germany, long winters and pale suns accompanied my earlier childhood days. When my parents moved to Wiesbaden, I remember literally chasing the wandering sun rays across our balcony and coaxing a few succulents 🌵in that one sunny spot (another passion, as you can see at the next Garden PopUp show). Solar🌞Quartz (a master healer crystal) and the latest Opal Summer Rays are the jewelry expressions of this love for the sun's 🔆nurturing energy (with bespoke Waterdrop 💧 earrings).

Enjoy and I hope to welcome you at the first 2021 March 27th Garden Pop Up Show where you will see mentioned designs 🍾🥂! Sign up for the once-a-month newsletter for details. 🙏 P,S, Quick glance at those Solar Quartz designs here.