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About Nicole

Hand crafting each piece with care

Nicole Kidd is a German-born jewelry designer in the Bay Area who has had various incarnations as a technical marketing writer, cruise director and software/AI market research and social media consultant, but it took a seminar with Ladies Who Launch in 2006 to help her birth her true vocation: Designing unique hand-crafted artisan jewelry.

Her Story

Nicole grew up the first two decades of her life in Germany, where she learned to respect the learning process, design techniques, and excellent craftsmanship. Creating her first leather earrings at just 14, and working on int’l cruise ships and in the hotel industry for a decade, which exposed her to new cultures, colors, textiles and artifacts, Nicole draws from this cultural richness and years of experience to design unique wearable art.

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Her Promise

To connect you with vibrant #artisanjewelry, handmade with curated, A-grade gemstones from around the world that wow you and others at affordable prices. Nicole loves creating stories with each design, because when you gift someone with a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind piece (e.g. incorporating a favorite shape, birthstone, color), you are indirectly sending a custom message to your recipient. She aims to enhance positivity, further loving bonds & professional relationships, and share her passions with others through her design art.

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The best materials

Nicole's intricate and bold designs feature a variety of metals, vibrant hued-precious and semi-precious gems - fusing Ancient Antics, Timeless Elegance, Inner Madonna and pure Fun. All artisan jewelry designs are made of the best materials sourced globally to ensure A-grade quality, vibrancy, and long-lasting enjoyment.

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Customized and Handmade

Nicole believes in the magic of storytelling. Custom pieces are designed with intended recipient in mind and curated gemstones and metals deliver on that promise. And “custom” does not spell inflated prices: Custom spells “you” at affordable prices as well. Contact me directly. Thank you.

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Well Regarded

Nicole’s breast cancer awareness, ancient antics and bridal designs have been featured in American Baby magazine, grace ormonde wedding style guide (“Hot Pick”), TheStreet.com and on ABC’s View from the Bay. Entertainment celebrities Dayna Devon, Sheryl Crow, Sienna Miller, Molly Sims, on-air stylist Katie Rice Jones have all been gifted with a Nicole Kidd design.

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"Nicole Kidd designs are more than pretty pieces of jewelry. They’re tiny works of art, coming straight from the artist’s generous heart. Each piece reflects a sense of style - so utterly unique, fun and whimsical, while also somehow classically elegant - that my spirit lifts; my step lightens, and I stand a bit taller, when I slip on one of Nicole’s designs. It’s surprising what a little flawlessly-executed gemstone sparkle (made with LOVE) can do!"

- Joan Breslin Jardin

“Nicole’s jewelry is not just exquisite craftsmanship, but also a work of art. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted and comes with a story. Nicole can tell you where the gemstones come from, what meaning the ancient symbols carry, what current trends the piece reflects. It’s obvious that her collections are inspired by her artistic visions and created with lots of love and attention to detail. I’m not easily satisfied when it comes to jewelry, so it means a great deal when I say that I LOVE Nicole’s pieces; moreover, they are actually affordable too.”

- Anke T.


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