How to find what you love on this website 🦋🌸❤

Looking for a specific gemstone or color?!

Just go to "SEARCH" (magnifying glass in top right corner) and type any color name, for example, "Purple" and you will see all designs that feature the color purple and its corresponding stones: Amethyst or Chalcedony. You can also search by gemstone names, for example, "Labradorite," and will find a plethora of this stunning "stone of transformation." In other product descriptions,  you will also be served by searching for "minimalist."

And if you just want to explore metal hues, type in "Silver" or "Gold" in the search bar (for example, those LINKEDIN gold and silver statement chains) OR go by the predefined categories  SHOP ALL (designs are organized in alphabetical product name order): "Earrings," Necklaces and/or go straight to  NEW ARRIVALS:

And if you can't find something that you have seen on my Instagram or Facebook, please just email me or DM via those platforms. THANK YOU. 🦋🌸❤