Invitation: Next Garden 🍂 PopUP show: Sept 4, 10-3 p.m. Alameda, CA

Sneak 👀 Pre-Fall 2021🍂

Bring a friend and enjoy a most relaxing succulent backyard setting (yes, we'll pop some champagne 🍾too, as we are also fully vaccinated🙏 and tables are spaced apart), feasting your eyes on all new Fall 2021 designs, handmade with love by yours truly.

Accessorizing made easy: Looking to kick-start your Fall wardrobe with some unusual gemstone layers and earrings?! Join us, as trying on might reveal new complimentary shades of autumn 🍂 on you > also check out more Fall creations under NEW ARRIVALS here or on our Instagram here.

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🌞You are an Original, OWN an original😉

P.S. Thank you for bringing your mask. I will supply the hand sanitizers/wipes.