Jewelry Trends 2021 & Pantone Spring/Summer 2021 colors that inspire ❤🙏❤

The other day I was asked “how do you decide what to design next?” – great question, and I must confess, I’m not only seduced by gemstone colors, shapes and facets that I source from around the globe, but rather, I do a little market/trend research to offer what could further complement your next garment purchases, echoing my interpretation of styles you might come across in U.S. and int'l fashion magazines and on various social media platforms, like Instagram, TikTok or Facebook.

For example, I am loving the Vogue Spring2021 Jewelry Trend Report, in particular the #RainbowCoalition, #ObjectLessons and #LinkedIn (chunky silver & gold chain -my interpretations of those) trends, and you will see those reflected in forthcoming design uploads to further accentuate your style and color choices in 2021.

And speaking of Color(s) of the Year 2021: Yup, "it’s not one but two colors, designed to create the sensation of a fresh sunrise over rocky terrain. The colors are called Illuminating, a yellow that appears like the skin of a ripe lemon, and Ultimate Gray, which resembles wet cement - Optimism (I will focus on that -ALWAYS) and somberness.” Check out the entire Pantone color palette for Spring/Summer 2021 here.

I hope they delight and with those colors and chain styles, I trust that you will feel most #LINKEDIN 😉when you are navigating your many ZOOM calls this year. 

P.S. ** What’s your prediction for 2021?**

"Personally, I am really into way more funky things. For 2021, I am thinking flower power, psychedelia, a sense of extravagance but with a casual angle. We will for sure continue to sell minimalist designs, but I think there will be a shift towards something personal, less tonally neutral, and uplifting. Flares, plaids, flowers: a call for hope and peace and love!"