As we are getting closer to the sacred family & friends gatherings (albeit in perhaps smaller circles this pandemic year), and I wanted to offer my HEARTFELT THANK YOUs to you for your support of this local designer! 

And more importantly, I hope to see you HAPPY and HEALTHY on the other side of this unprecedented year we've lived thru (don't you just love this card on the right > saw this on Twitter via an unknown author from the UK?!). There are many glimmers of hope, and I felt the beauty of those with some of you at the last open barn show when we could sit outside in the sun toasting with a glass of champagne (albeit 6 ft apart;-)) - Confession: I have so missed our communing, BUT BUT we will get back to it in 2021!

Until then, promise me to stay healthy and commune with nature when things feel heavy. We are so close to going beyond ZOOM gatherings, and soon we shall be able to travel and explore again. Here is to being together again in person in 2021 - everywhere across this beautiful earth of ours.

Look forward to seeing you in 2021!

P.S. My website, of course, will be there for you 24/7 in case there are Capricorn birthday recipients in your midst, haha.